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cataLib is a small yet useful library for the Max programming environment.


  • cata.delaunay - Java external for computing the Delaunay Triangulation of a given set P of n points in 2-dimensional space


  • cata.duino - Parse serial messages coming from an Arduino board. You should use this with the Arduino sketch provided with this abstraction.


  • cata.nodemanager - Recursive node manager. Add and Remove an infinite number of Nodes. Easily resize each node with the help of a dropdown menu.


  • cata.drop - Drag, drop, and manage multiple audio files. Audio File path made easy.



Gamult was originally developed to be an interface for the Robotic Gamelan, which allows the interaction between a digital controller and Casa da Música’s Java Gamelan. This version allows having in a single device, the controller, and access to the original sound of the Robotic  Gamelan.

Gamult: Diogo Tudela, João Menezes, José Alberto Gomes, Nuno Hespanhol, Óscar Rodrigues e Tiago Ângelo.

Robotic Gamelan: Rui Penha, José Luis Azevedo,  Miguel Ferraz


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